Published Jun 25, 2021
By Qredo Team

Are You a Qredonian?

The Qredo Community is at the ❤️ of everything we do.

Qredonians are a distinctive global community of pioneers, visionaries and innovators who share some common values:

Qredonians are explorers

Qredonians thrive on the exploration of new frontiers. Their comfort zone is going where no one has gone before. They embrace the pioneers who dare to believe.

Every Qredonian is different

Qredonians come in all shapes and sizes. For them, crypto is not just about disrupting the status quo, it’s about bridge-building and empowering a rich community of individuals with different backgrounds, careers and viewpoints.

Qredonians are open

Qredonians love challenging new ideas. They thrive on sharing their thoughts, findings and activity with the rest of the community.

Qredonians don't settle

Qredonians have an insatiable appetite for better; Good enough is just not good enough. They believe in new paradigms and an Open Network that brings prosperity to all.

Want to do more?

As a Qredonian, you can do more to support the Network through Qredo’s Ambassador Program, The Qreed

Through the Qreed, community members can play an important role and be rewarded for their activity.

You’ll be someone who can help Qredo users to better understand our ecosystem, identify and create synergies, organize regional events and participate in hackathons. 

It’s a real opportunity to be a deeper part of the Qredo Network, helping it to grow and realize its decentralized ideals.


  • Engage with blockchain communities on social media channels to amplify Qredo’s presence and voice

  • Activate and grow Qredo's regional presence

  • Translate and create content for regional audiences

  • Organize on and offline activities for ecosystem growth

  • Mentor other Qredonians

How you'll be rewarded

  • Earn Qredo swag and some exciting Network rewards

  • Network with crypto influencers and expand your personal footprint in the industry

  • Be an important part of the team building Qredo and get extra insights as we grow the Network


  • Qredonian activity will take place in “seasons” -- each one lasting 3 months

  • Maybe you will be more focused or skilled in certain areas. To reflect this, we break down seasonal activity into the following categories:

    • Content creation

    • Translation

    • Expansion of regional communities

    • Expansion of developer ecosystem

    • Outreach and engagement with potential partners

    • Social media activity

Every season, the most outstanding contributor to each category will be recognized as Captain who will then be able to lead category activity in their respective communities. There are additional rewards to incentivize performance as a Captain.

Next Steps

✍️ To find out more about how you can play a greater role as a member of the Qreed, please complete the form here.

ℹ️ More detail about Season 3 of the Qreed.

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