Published Jun 14, 2022
By Qredo Team

Welcome to Season 3 of The Qreed! 

Hello Qredonians!

We are super excited about the support on all fronts from our ever-growing community –  especially the contributions of our ambassadors in The Qreed program. 

As we draw the curtains on Season 2 of The Qreed, we are happy to announce a refresh of the program and an exciting third season.

As always, members of The Qreed have been pushing content through their social media platforms and this has helped us to sustain our value in terms of messaging in the eyes of prospective users of the Qredo Network. We have also ensured that rewards were handed out to those who truly understand the Qredo network.

In Season 3, we will continue to push for more organic and quality content distribution.

Here are the tasks for Season 3 participants:

(The ranks and roles in Season 2 are still applicable to this season. For more details, please refer to Season 2 of The Qreed).

Entry-Level Qredonian ⭐

Tasks include:

  1. Social media activity:

i. Minimum of 50 followers required.

ii. Like, retweet/quote retweet, and comment on contents from Qredo Official on Twitter.

iii. Create 3 custom tweets per week with relevant hashtags and tag @QredoNetwork.

iv. Retweet content created by Qreed Specialists

v. Follow your fellow ambassadors and support their tweets. You can search for them on Twitter using tags such as ‘Qredo’ or ‘Qreed’.

  1. Community engagement:

i. Answer frequently asked questions within the community.

ii. Attend and support AMA events.

iii. Provide onboarding help and tips to new members.

iv. Participate in ongoing promotional campaigns - airdrops, quizzes, sticker and meme competitions, etc.

v. Referrals (This is optional; bonus points may be added).

Stakes are points earned for work done.  They are assigned to Qreed members according to the quality of their work and the size of their social media following, as explained below:

Stake reward = Points for Content Quality x Number-of-Follower Stakes 

Points for Content Quality

  • Poor effort/quality - 0 point

  • Good - 1 point

  • Excellent - 2 points

Number-of-Follower Stakes

  • 50 - 500 Followers - 5 stakes

  • 500 - 3,000 Followers - 10 stakes

  • 3001 - 10,000 Followers - 15 stakes

  • 10,001+ Followers - 20 stakes

Example: Zehra’s social media content is Good, and she has 1,600 followers on Twitter. 

She will receive 10 stakes (1*10).

✍️ To become a Qredonian, please complete the form here.

Specialist Qredonian ⭐⭐

1. Content Creators

a. Articles/Blogs

  • Create at least 1 unique article per week.

  • Content must be an opinion piece that reflects the strengths of Qredo, its competitive advantages, and linkt back to one of Qredo’s blog articles.

  • Content should have decent viewing and engagement.


  • Poor - 0 stakes

  • Average - 5 stakes/week

  • Good - 10 stakes/week

  • Outstanding - 15 stakes/week

b. Video/YouTube Reviews

  • Create at least 1 unique video review about Qredo every two weeks (bi-weekly).

  • Content should focus mainly on the fundamentals of Qredo as much as possible, and less on QRDO price action.

  • Content should have decent viewing and engagement.


  • Poor - 0 stake

  • Average - 5 stakes/week

  • Good - 10 stakes/week

  • Outstanding - 15 stakes/week

c. Visuals

  • This includes memes, sticker packs, and infographics about Qredo, decentralized MPC (dMPC), and other Qredo-related topics.

  • Content should contain clear messages about Qredo, and be as accurate as possible.


  • Poor  - 0 stake

  • Average - 5 stakes/week

  • Good - 10 stakes/week

  • Outstanding - 15 stakes/week

2. Language Community Managers

  • Manage the translation of Qredo content into a different language.

  • Create engaging activities in the Language Community.

  • Grow the Language Community through events and activities.


  • Poor - 0 stake

  • Average weekly performance - 5 stakes/week

  • Good weekly performance - 10 stakes/week

  • Outstanding weekly performance - 15 stakes/week

A weekly activity form will be provided in The Qreed Telegram group for you to submit your activity.


This season (Qreed S03) will last for 8 weeks, beginning on June 15, 2022 at 10:00 UTC and ending on August 10, 2022 at 10:00 UTC.


Reward structure and distribution remains the same as with the previous season.


  1. It is a requirement to join all Qredo social channels: Twitter, Discord, Telegram, & Telegram Announcement channel.

  2. Generally, no particular educational qualification/experience is required.

  3. To be eligible for any of the Ambassador roles, please ensure you read and understand the terms associated with each activity.

  4. Entry-Level Qreed members comprise all those joining the Ambassador program for the first time, as well as  any existing Ambassadors who do not identify with any of the specialist roles.

  5. Specialists are Qredonians who have unique business-related talents that may otherwise go untapped if they remain as "Entry-Level" Ambassadors in our community.

  6. Specialists on FastTrack are exceptional individuals who may be joining the Specialist Ambassador ranks with a proven track record in the industry, and have a deep understanding of how the Qredo Network works. [Please note, this is not a role meant for everyone, it's a special consideration role].

  7. For now, Mentors are the highest-ranking ambassadors who have proven themselves as committed and outstanding members of the community. Mentors should have ideally passed through all preceding ranks and be exceptionally good at what they do.

  8. If a Qredonian becomes inactive for two consecutive months, they may either be demoted or removed from the program.

  9. All content produced must be original work and not plagiarized in any way (this includes visual content).

  10. Anyone who plagiarizes material will immediately be banned and removed from The Qreed.

  11. All participants must be a part of The Qreed telegram channel.

  12. Anyone who receives a poor rating is unable to enter the same category in future seasons.

  13. All participants must sign up to a Qredo wallet using the same email they provided during the completion of the submission forms. If you need to sign up for a crypto wallet, you can do so here on using this guide: Creating Your Account.

  14. Multiple entries from the same user are not allowed. If this is discovered, it will result in a permanent ban from The Qreed.

  15. Remember, you are an ambassador of Qredo, and your efforts should reflect as such :)

If you have questions, please ask us in the Official Qredo Telegram group 😁

Not sure who a Qredonian is? 
Here's our Clarion Call


  • The Qreed program is an ongoing experimental ambassador program designed to scale if/when needed.

  • Should the Qredo team feel the need to discontinue the program, the community will be informed beforehand.

  • At the time of publication, Merch and NFTs are yet to go live on Qredo.

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