Published Aug 1, 2022
By Qredo Team

Qredo Burns 16.8M Tokens


Today we removed 16.8 million QRDO tokens from the validator allocation, burning roughly the same amount of tokens as vested during July.

This follows the first burn of March 2022, in which we burnt 40M QRDO.

Here's what you need to know:

As this event is the first of a monthly burn schedule, Qredo will now be burning an equal or greater number of tokens each month than those vested during the previous month.

What is a token burn?

Despite the name, burning doesn't involve dousing tokens in gasoline and setting them ablaze. Burning is simply destroying tokens, which is usually achieved by sending them to an inaccessible address from which they can never be recovered. In this instance, we are invoking the burn function on the QRDO smart contract.  

QRDO's deflationary shift

This burn is one of several supply-reducing mechanisms that are being implemented in response to community demand.

These include:

  • Doubled vesting periods 

  • Network fees paid with $QRDO (and partially burned)

  • More validator NFT burn events

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