ETHDenver is a big success!

Published Mar 6, 2023
By Qredo Team

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Qredo was at ETHDenver last week and covered the events on our blog. Despite being in the bear market, ETHDenver just ended its most successful run to date. A staffer said that the 600-strong team at ETHDenver scanned over 16,000 tickets this year. A spokesperson also went on to express that there might be smaller satellite events held globally to keep up with the community’s interest in the event.

Yuga Labs, the non-fungible token (NFT) company behind Bored Apes Yacht Club, faced criticism from the crypto community on how it intends to auction its Bitcoin NFTs. Yesterday (March 5) Yuga launched a collection of images inscribed on satoshis, called “TwelveFold.” Yuga Labs’ practice of getting bidders to send their BTC to Yuga when placing a bid with the expectation that they’ll be refunded if the bid was unsuccessful was considered a “scammer’s dream” and criticized by the community for being old-fashioned.

The Pakistan Banks’ Association (PBA) has signed off on a Know Your Customer (KYC) process that’ll be developed on the blockchain. KYC procedure led by the Avanza Group is meant to strengthen the banks’ anti-money laundering measures. The PBA is a group of 31 Pakistani and larger international banks. 

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