Published Mar 11, 2022
By Qredo Team

Institutional DeFi in 5 Simple Steps

Through Qredo's integration with MetaMask Institutional (MMI), professional investors can now enjoy easy, secure, and compliant access to decentralized finance and Web3.

Below, we present the main features of this exciting combination. If you’re exploring DeFi for your organization and would like more detail, please get in contact to arrange a call.  

1. Create a connected Qredo crypto wallet

Open a Qredo Wallet that is connected to MMI. Fully under your control, this crypto wallet will have the same organization name as your account with Consensys. 

This crypto wallet is secured by Qredo’s breakthrough decentralized multi-party computation (decentralized MPC) and can hold tokens — from NFTs to ERC-20s — across all EVM-compatible chains.

2. Customize team governance policies

Manage DeFi activity more effectively by setting access and signing rights that align with your existing organization and fund structure. 

Any threshold approval scheme you design is written into the Qredo blockchain and can be updated easily as team members or custodians change.

Your Qredo account can also be set up to hold an unlimited number of funds and sub-wallets.These can be used for different investment strategies, client portfolios, or custodians.

3. Define your investment strategy 

Whether you’re yield farming or trading NFTs, Qredo-MMI allows you to deploy assets across the entire ecosystem of Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) blockchains. All this from just a single crypto wallet.

4. Trade with the tap of a finger

Skip the cumbersome process, slow release times, and gas fees associated with combined hot and cold crypto wallet solutions.

Simply set up transactions directly from your MMI browser extension, and then authenticate them on the biometric-access Qredo app.

For larger teams, where a threshold approval scheme exists, transactions initiated by a trader will then receive secure one-tap approval from designated signers.

5. Monitor and report

Each approval and policy change is recorded immutably on the Qredo blockchain — removing the vulnerabilities of centralized databases.

All assets and transactions are captured within MMI for overview and reporting needs.

Start using MMI with Qredo today

⏳ For a limited time period, Qredo is offering zero fee use of this comprehensive DeFi market access solution. Talk to a Qredo specialist about how you can get started.