Published Jul 14, 2022
By Qredo Team

Qredo Roadmap Update: July 2022

As the winds of crypto winter blow, few places are safe to store digital assets — and self-custody is more important than ever. 

In recognition of this, we remain focused on building a strong foundation of robust, decentralized custody to enable institutions and individuals alike to securely manage digital assets.

Leading our efforts, we now have a new Head of Product, Gabriele Farei. Under his guidance, the growing product team will be leveling up all aspects of the Qredo experience — releasing redesigned versions of the web and mobile apps, and creating seamless backend connectivity through extensive APIs.

In addition, we are now working on long-term initiatives to capitalize on the next phase of crypto growth. These are our three overarching objectives for the second half of the year:

  • Hardening the network. Security will always remain the top priority, and we are constantly reinforcing the network as we follow our pathway to decentralization. 

  • Bringing liquidity to self-custody. New Qredo products — including PowerSwap and other institutional trading tools — will offer access to liquidity without needing to give up control over assets.

  • Introducing an industry-leading policy engine. Computational Custody will streamline digital asset workflows and enable granular levels of governance control.

Up Next

These items are nearly complete and will be live very soon.


The WalletConnect integration will enable you to trade, lend, and stake in DeFi directly from the security of your Qredo wallet. 

This will be released through a phased roll out over the summer. If you'd like to get early access to Qredo x WalletConnect, why not join the Early Adopter Program ?

Join and you'll be part of a select group who test this exciting integration and can help shape its future evolution. Learn more

Travel Rule Beta 

Qredo's Travel Rule solution enables all virtual asset service providers (VASPs) to easily comply with emerging regulations. 

We have forged key partnerships with crypto compliance firms, and are planning to test the fledgling product with different VASPs.

Enhanced insurance

We’ve built on our partnerships in the insurance market, and will soon be introducing new, flexible insurance options enabling you to obtain customized cover over your holdings. 

These options include Qredo's revolutionary in specie insurance, which is currently available to select users in beta. 

Computational Custodian (server signing agent)

The introduction of a computational policy engine will enable transactions to be governed according to predetermined factors — such as trade size or type — and can be tailored to reflect the front, middle and back office responsibilities of large institutions. 

The pilot of the first server signing agent will allow customers to programmatically drive approvals based on their own custom logic. We are now testing this with our first batch of users before a larger scale rollout after the summer.

“Crypto winters are for building. We have spent the last few months hiring significant technical talent and are now a team of over 160 spread across the globe. Last quarter, we doubled down on our core custody functionality and spent time fine-tuning the Qredo-MMI integration to serve over 200 institutional clients. Now, our focus is on delivering a number of trading capabilities that will showcase the full power of decentralized custody.” 

— Josh Goodbody, Qredo COO

In Progress

These projects are under active development and can be expected in the next few months.

Integrations: Polkadot and BNB Chain


PowerSwap will enable anyone to instantly swap QRDO, USDC and USDT, with zero slippage and no counterparty risk, directly from custody.

User APIs 

User APIs will enable Qredo to be white-labeled as a custody solution for use by exchanges, and brokers. We are aiming to make an entirely API-driven white label experience available in H2, 2022.

Reporting Tools (CSV Export)

Instantly export immutable records — including policy changes, transactions, and balances — directly from your Qredo Wallet to a spreadsheet for reporting and accounting purposes.

Third party validators 

Continuing on our pathway to decentralization, we are aiming to package our validators to be run by third parties by the end of the year.

Qredo platforms V2 

The redesign of our web app, mobile app, and APIs will power the next phase of Qredo's growth.

Block Explorer 

The Block Explorer, which enables you to look directly into the Qredochain to track transactions and balances, is now ready. It will soon be made available to approved clients before a broader rollout.

"Qredo's vision has not changed. We continue to have our heads down, building and working. For us, what is of the utmost importance is getting things right the first time. We aren't just ticking boxes; we want to ensure that the first cut surpasses expectations. We do everything with our customers, investors and community in mind, and are committed to ensuring that everything from product to new integrations is above the bar." 

— Anthony Foy, Qredo CEO & Co-Founder

In The Pipeline 

These items are firmly on the roadmap, and we are preparing plans to bring them to fruition.

Integrations: Avalanche, Elrond, Arbitrum and Optimism.

Power DeFi API

The Power DeFi API enables sophisticated users to directly submit raw transactions, and access DeFi programmatically for automated rapid-fire trading, multi-leg yield farming, or simple lending and staking — all backed by decentralized MPC security and fully customizable governance.

Transaction notes

Enabling users to add personal notes to WalletConnect or MMI transactions will offer context to approvers and help with server signing integrations. 

Conditional custody policies

Conditional custody policies — such as (and/or) transaction workflows — will enable more sophisticated governance controls to meet organizational needs.

Exchange integrations

The ability to monitor, fund, and exercise custodial policies over assets on centralized exchanges from within Qredo.

Read only APIs 

Enabling easy integrations with external platforms such as back office solutions.

Under Review

These items are being actively researched and explored, with no firm commitments as of yet.

Integrations: Near, Fantom, Stellar, Cosmos and Ripple, plus more ERC-20 tokens

Streamlining transactions 

Decreasing latency for policy approvals. 

User experience tweaks 

Improving the user experience and data exposed when approving DeFi transactions, adding the ability to more easily edit, archive and delete funds.

Integration with KYT providers 

Building out compliance custody policies.


Telegram integration to enable over-the-counter (OTC) swaps to be initiated by a telegram conversation between traders.

Stablecoin Mint

Mint your own stablecoins through tokenization-as-a-service. Qredo plans to offer a full end-to-end process — from smart contract development to deployment — all backed by the governance and security of decentralized MPC.

Fiat onramp

Trade fiat-to-crypto from within your Qredo Wallet via banking integrations.

Web3 dashboard 

View transaction history and balances directly from your Qredo-MMI crypto wallet.

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