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Early Adopter Program

NETWORK DEVELOPMENTWe’re using the Crypto Winter to double down on Qredo Network’s development activity.

NEW INTEGRATIONAn exciting part of this is Qredo's new integration with WalletConnect – bringing new levels of security and control to Web3 investment.

JOIN OUR EARLY ADOPTER PROGRAMYou’ll be part of a select group who enjoy early access to this new functionality and can help shape its future evolution.

Hello Qredo X WalletConnect

We are inviting people to join the Early Adopter Program and test Qredo X WalletConnect for a limited period of time.

The Power Pair

Our new integration leverages the power of WalletConnect’s open source protocol, and combines it with Qredo’s secure self-custody and transaction controls.

The Complete Package

The result is the complete DeFi and NFT package for individual traders and growing investment teams.



Qredo’s distributed infrastructure introduces a new paradigm in digital asset security.

By combining multi-party computation (MPC) with its own Layer 2 blockchain, Qredo removes the day-to-day risks and hassle of using private keys.

And - because all transaction activity is recorded on-chain - Qredo also removes the vulnerabilities of spreadsheets and centralized databases, providing a tamper-proof audit trail.

Help us
test Qredo X WalletConnect

Join the Early Adopter Program and be part
of Qredo’s digital
asset revolution


You and your clients will enjoy early access to the new Qredo x Wallet Connect functionality. You’ll also have exclusive front-row access to Qredo’s product team – with the opportunity to shape functionality and suggest new features for the Qredo roadmap.

Next steps

We’re enrolling now for the Qredo x Wallet Connect test which will begin in August. Places are limited.

Please complete the 2 steps below to participate. The Qredo team will then follow-up with you directly.   

  1. Create a Qredo account here. If you already have a Qredo account, please go to step 2.

  2. Complete the form, ideally providing the Qredo User ID you received when setting up your Qredo account.