Published May 10, 2022
By Luis Novella

Luis Novella: Why I Joined Qredo

Luis has over 20 years of experience in senior executive roles in the technology industry. He has focused his career on serving as a catalyst for strategic transformation helping companies disrupt markets. Find Luis on LinkedIn | Twitter | Telegram: @txytxo

I’m delighted to announce that I have recently joined Qredo as Regional Director for Latin America and the Caribbean.

At its core, Qredo is an innovative network which provides cryptoasset custody solutions using groundbreaking decentralized Multi-Party Computation (dMPC) to secure, store and trade digital assets.

Looking back, the DeFi sector has come on leaps and bounds since I first made my way into the industry in 2016. Back then, crypto was in its infancy compared to where we are now, and the market has gone from being a peripheral player in global finance, to one of the biggest and most relevant drivers of monetary innovation.

The skepticism that once governed the approach of banks, governments and other institutions to the industry has given way to integration and adoption on a scale that many predicted would take longer to arrive. Crypto now stands firmly at the center of the financial world.

As someone who has been involved throughout my career at the forefront of new technology and industry, crypto is a natural home, and Qredo is one of the most promising companies in the financial sector.

Why Qredo?

Qredo addresses an issue which has long plagued the integration of DeFi with traditional finance: how to securely store and access digital assets while maintaining the decentralized principles and technological potential of the blockchain.

For institutions, this means they can maintain 100% control over their assets, while still benefiting from Qredo’s industry leading security and custody solution.

Using decentralized MPC, the Qredo Network is capable of handling the demands and needs of institutional clients; offering solutions to support regulated compliance requirements, whilst also giving easy, cost-efficient access to the wealth of Web3 opportunities.

An all in one secure package.

Other custodial solutions fail to address the issues inherent in traditional platforms by retaining the private keys that ultimately allow access to the assets.

In crypto, the saying ‘not your keys, not your coins’ rings true. By handing over authority of your assets to a third-party, you cede the ability to mitigate against loss and have full control, undermining some of the fundamental promise of digital asset technology.

With Qredo, the network becomes the vault.

Governance controls are paramount for institutions, and the Qredo Network offers these users an industry-leading combination of security and access to Web3.

That cryptoasset governance proposition is unmatched by other solutions on the market, and is one of the factors that sets Qredo apart from the competition.

Our recent partnership with MetaMask Institutional, one of the best known access points to the DeFi ecosystem, takes that value proposition a step further by allowing seamless access to the entirety of Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) networks in one secure crypto wallet.

Qredo in LatAm

It’s no secret that crypto holds huge potential in Latin America.

Across the region, individuals, institutions and even governments have begun to embrace crypto as part of the future of its financial architecture.

There are scores of firms of all shapes and sizes itching to get involved in the market, but currently it remains underserved by the type of institutional-grade offering that Qredo brings to the table.

That makes now the perfect time for Qredo to expand its operations and partnerships on the continent.

We have already started with our groundbreaking partnerships in El Salvador as the country moves towards full bitcoinization of the economy.

The recent announcement that Qredo has secured certification as a registered bitcoin services provider as defined by the Banco Central de Reserva de El Salvador (BCR) demonstrates just how much potential the network has to revolutionize financial services in the region.

The future for crypto in Latin America is a bright one, and Qredo can have a key role to play in opening up the significant pent up demand of institutional investors and others to jump into the market and turbocharge its growth.

Are you an investment institution interested in learning how Qredo can help you? Get in touch with myself or the team and let’s schedule an introductory call.

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