Published Feb 2, 2022
By Qredo Team

Qredo Launches Lunar New Year Giveaway to Celebrate Expansion into Asia

*This campaign has ended, see Winners List.

Join the #QredoLunarNewYear giveaway for the chance to receive 6.6 Qredo Tokens

As red envelopes are exchanged to celebrate the Lunar New Year, Qredo is celebrating its expansion into Asia by giving all Qredonians the opportunity to win 6.6 QRDO tokens.

Across the Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese communities, Qredonians have rapidly grown in number — boosted by exposure on top-tier local media outlets, and listings on several Asia-based exchanges.

Now as we celebrate the Year of the Tiger — said to represent all the courage, ambition and generosity of the King of the Jungle — Qredo is offering the community the opportunity to win 6.6 QRDO by participating in a quiz for one week from 24/01/22 to 28/01/22.

How to win 6.6 QRDO 

To be eligible for the giveaway, you must ...

  1. Join the Qredo Telegram group

  2. Follow Qredo on Twitter

  3. Tweet including the hashtag #QredoLunarNewYear 

  4. Answer each question in the quiz correctly

6.6 QRDO will be awarded to 88 random winners who complete all the above tasks!

Congratulations to the #QredoLunarNewYear winners!

Thank you to everyone who participated in our #QredoLunarNewYear giveaway. Winner or not, we wish you all a year filled with happiness and love.

Rewards will be distributed by the end of this week.

*If you have not received your reward by this time please contact our customer support team

Contest Winners: