Published Jan 16, 2023
By Qredo Team

Qredo Monthly Update: December 2022

Happy New Year, and welcome to the December monthly update!

Last month topped off a massive 2022 for Qredo, and saw us welcome growing numbers of users with some highly-anticipated new functionality (hello, Scalability Toolkit!) and an additional security certification in the form of SOC 2 Type 2.

Here are the top highlights from the final month of 2022.

WalletConnect for organizations

The Qredo WalletConnect integration enables instant access to Web3 from Qredo, backed by the security of your own governance policies.

As of earlier this month, anyone can take advantage of this integration by opening a Qredo organization account.

Open a Qredo Wallet

Scalability Toolkit 🛠️🧰

Just before Christmas, Santa left Qredonians a last-minute gift in the form of the Scalability Toolkit.

This comprises three tools for bringing digital asset activity into the age of automation:

  • Signing Agent🤖

    The Signing Agent can be added to governance policies as an automated alternative to a human transaction Approver, relieving signing fatigue and streamlining transaction flows. 

  • Web3 API Wallet 👨‍💻

    The Qredo Web3 API wallet enables you to sign transactions with Qredo dMPC and submit them directly to the blockchain, unlocking programmatic access to DeFi and smooth integration with your own tech stack. 

  • Whitelisting ☑️

    Whitelisting is an optional security feature that restricts wallet interactions to only the blockchain addresses of trusted counterparties and protocols. 

Head to the official announcement to learn how these features can be combined to unlock powerful scalability benefits.

SOC 2 Type 2 Audit ✅

Qredo has now achieved SOC2 Type 2 compliance.

This certification reflects our commitment to setting the highest standards in institutional-grade custody.


Qredo stats 📊

5️⃣ Top five chains accessed through Qredo: Ethereum, Arbitrum, Avalanche, Optimism, Polygon

📈 MoM growth in total number of Qredo accounts: +0.45%

📈 Total transaction volume: +0.04%

QRDO Staking bonus paid 🎁

The 5% staking bonus was paid on January 2nd, rewarding loyal QRDO holders with a total return of almost 18% APY (Annual Percentage Yield) over the past six months.

Looking ahead, staking rewards are now set at 5.05%.

This rate is expected to remain until the introduction of external third-party validators in the next few months. 



Qredo undertook a quick but critical upgrade on Saturday December 17th

This boosted the scalability limits of our blockchain and multi-party computation (dMPC) infrastructure, and enabled other validator operators to easily replicate our deployments using a cloud provider of their choice.

That's right, we're progressing along our pathway to decentralization and getting ready to welcome external validators!

More info will be made public in the coming weeks, including details of the preparations we made in 2022.


Ben Whitby and Gatenox on crypto compliance

Just before Christmas, Qredo's very own Ben Whitby joined Gatenox CEO Pawel Kuskowski to discuss the current state of crypto compliance.

The resulting conversation, which was informed by Kuskowski's extensive experience running the Corporate KYC tool Gatenox, covered The Travel Rule, building a crypto compliance framework, and the systemic regulatory loophole which allowed FTX to lose client money.


Since the collapse of FTX put self-custody in the spotlight, more teams have been joining Qredo Network. A small portion of this activity was recently highlighted on Twitter by crypto teams from:

Superhedge, an investment platform for structured products:

And Bitbond, a tool that enables users to mint their own blockchain-based tokens in five minutes.

Keep an eye out for incoming case studies with more Qredo partners!


CfC Moritz

Just a few days ago, Qredo's Anthony Foy and Josh Goodbody joined a host of hand-picked executives — including Binance's CZ and ShapeShift's Erik Voorhees — at one of the most exclusive crypto conferences.

CfC Moritz, which was held in the Swiss Alps, saw 250 industry leaders come together to discuss the biggest issues facing blockchain today.

Twitter Space: DeFi vs CeFi 

On December 14th,  Ben Whitby joined DaoChemist and other Crypto Twitterites to discuss DeFi vs CeFi.

Tune into the recording

Self-custody and the route to a $300 trillion crypto market

Earlier In December, Qredo’s Ben Whitby and Sweat Economy's Oleg Fomenko discuss self-custody and the route to a $300 trillion crypto market!

Tune in below or read the highlights:

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