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Published Oct 7, 2022
By Qredo Team

Qredo Monthly Update: September 2022

Welcome to our monthly recap of Qredo Network activity and events!


Token burn 🔥

The heat coming off the page as you read is generated by all the QRDO we’ve been burning!

On September 5th, another 16.8 million QRDO tokens went up in flames – part of a monthly schedule whereby Qredo burns an equal or greater number of tokens than those vesting in the previous month ❤️‍🔥

UPDATE: We just burned 24 million QRDO on October 3rd. That’s 97.6 million Qredo tokens that have been burned to date -- decreasing total supply by 9.8% 🚀  

Read more about our tokenomics measures

Qredo stats 📊

💪 Nearly $3BN of Qredo Network secured dMPC transactions

📈 +122% MoM increase in USD volume of Qredo Layer 2 transactions 

🚀 +50.84% MoM increase in number of Qredo registered accounts 

BNB Chain Joins the Network 🌐

In early September, we announced that BNB Chain is the latest Layer 1 protocol to be integrated with Qredo Network. 

Qredo users can now trade, transfer, and take custody of BNB (BEP20) and BUSD (BEP20) on Qredo Network. Whilst access to dApps on BNB Chain — such as PancakeSwap and Venus — is provided through Qredo’s MetaMask Institutional and WalletConnect integrations.

L1 integrations and what they mean for Qredo

Qredo 3 and 6 month staking bonus 🎁

Whilst you can continue to earn a weekly staking reward of 10.1% APY, there’s still time to enjoy a staking bonus if you hold QRDO in your Qredo Wallet for longer.   

Open to both new and existing deposits, our auto-staking bonus program offers an additional 5.05% APY for those staking from October 1st to December 31st.  

Those of you who started staking on the network back in July are, of course, still on track to earn a six month staking bonus equivalent of nearly 18% APY.  



Join the waitlist for Qredo x WalletConnect 🚀🚀🚀

As announced in July, Qredo is launching an exciting new integration with WalletConnect, the open protocol for DeFi access.

Places on our Early Adopter Program have now been filled but you can still join the waitlist 🎉

Joining will give you early access to Qredo x WalletConnect and the chance to win QRDO by referring friends who sign up. What’s not to love? Read more about the referral program.

Join the Waitlist

Leading the charge on crypto insurance 🏆

Last month, we announced a groundbreaking new specie insurance policy that gives institutional users added protection for assets held in their Qredo wallets, and in transit through the trade process. 

Covering up to $600 million of assets, the new specie insurance cover is a significant step forward for both institutional digital asset adoption and the wider crypto ecosystem. 

Learn more about the policy here.

Sweat Economy ❤️ Qredo crypto custody

On September 27th, we announced a new custody partnership with Sweat Economy on Sweat Wallet, the fastest growing dApp of all time.

Qredo is providing custody services for its new SWEAT tokens, secured by our game-changing  decentralized MPC encryption and institutional-grade governance controls.

Read the press release

Sweat chooses Qredo decentralized custody over multisig alternatives.


Whilst we continue to build out Qredo’s core network functionality and apps, we are also looking to invest in promising new projects that can grow alongside Qredo and feed back into its own evolution. This activity will be led by a new team: Qredo Ventures. 

Target projects are likely to be compelling early-stage companies with ideas or products that can evolve to build on, or leverage Qredo infrastructure. They can be operating in any area – from corporate treasury to Web3.

Know a project that could fit our criteria? Learn more about Qredo Ventures.


As we build our regional presence, events are a great way to spread awareness of what Qredo is doing and build new relationships. 

Qredo event activity in September: 

Going to one of the events below? Stop by the booth and say hi! 👋  


AMAs are an important part of our program of engaging with, and building community. September activity includes:

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We’re growing fast and recruiting for a wide range of different roles. With over 170 employees already, Qredo is a remote-first team that prizes skill, creativity and collaboration. See if there’s a role that suits you or someone you know: 

Qredo open positions 👀


Qredo’s growing library of panels, interviews and other great content is now available through our new podcast channels. Choose your watering hole:

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Team Qredo

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