Published Oct 26, 2022
By Qredo Team

Welcome to Season 4 of The Qreed! 

Hello Qredonians!

Great job on the recently concluded season of The Qreed! We are ecstatic that we have such a fantastic ambassador community. Qredo couldn’t be more proud to have you along with us in this journey of creating a truly secure and decentralized world.

We are excited to announce the launch of Season 4 of the ambassador program – The Qreed Reloaded – with updates to further help streamline our efforts and achieve bigger goals.

Through Seasons 1 to 3, we saw all sorts of content that has helped grow the community, primarily on Social media. 

We are not stopping here, but developing further to bolster our core community and enhance our network effect. To achieve this, Season 4 of The Qreed will feature only two major categories:

A-“Super Qreed”

B-“Individual Qreed Contributors”

Category A: “The Super Qreed” ⭐⭐

The Super Qreed are our core community drivers who will help to expand Qredo both in and outside our immediate ecosystem. These include:

- Qredo Subgroups - Do you have an existing social community where you can promote discussions around Qredo-related topics, onboard users for Beta product testing or simply convert into a Qredo fanbase; then we’re ready to support your ambition. Join us!

- Language Community Managers - Do you want to create your own Qredo group in your area? Here’s a chance to start one and promote Qredo-related discussions and get support from the Qredo team.

- Micro-Influencers - Here, we want to get more micro-bloggers and influencers involved in spreading the word about Qredo. Join us in reaching your followers and helping them to understand the value Qredo brings to the decentralized world.

The opportunity here is to enhance your understanding of how decentralized MPC and all of Qredo’s solutions stack work, teach others about these, and build a quality community of Qredo fanatics.

If you are selected as a member of this category, you’ll be given the designation: “Qreed Captain.” Some of you will also be given this title in our official Telegram group.


  1. You earn special rewards for onboarding new users to our platform, such as; 

    • MMI and WC users to include High-Net-Worth Individuals with average daily transactional volume > $100k

    • New Qredo wallet users with an asset balance of ≥ $ 100,000

    • Facilitating quality partnerships

  2. Ambassador ranking with Qredo-native NFT badges

  3. Direct hotline to the core Team

  4. High priority consideration during Qredo product Beta demos and testing

  5. On top of all of these, to support the running of your activities spreading the word of Qredo (online and offline events, campaigns, contests…), you could qualify to get up to $3,000 in QRDO per month to run them.


Generally, you will essentially be autonomous in the activities carried out. 

However, you will need to submit monthly reports that align with set KPIs and detailing your activities that cover the following areas:

  1. Type of activities done: it could be Twitter spaces, internal/external AMAs, tweet threads, online/offline events; the number of attendees or reach of activities

  2. Blog content created/translated

  3. The number of new Qredonians onboarded to your community

  4. The number of new Qredonians onboarded to Qredo products

  5. Report an outstanding performance (if any), e.g., HNWI onboarded, facilitated new partnership, etc.

How to Join?

Fill out this form. If selected, further details of onboarding will be communicated via the email provided.

Category B: “Individual Qreed” ⭐

We have enjoyed the company of all our current Qredonians, especially those who engage with us constantly on social media, and we have created some exciting content. 

Thank you!

We are extending this opportunity to more people interested in earning through social engagement - be it liking, sharing, and commenting on our tweets, or crafting high-quality tweets of their own.

The opportunity here is to allow the broader crypto community to gain a simple and in-depth understanding of what Qredo does and an opportunity to earn while doing so. 


  1. Depending on the quality of your engagement and activity in our community, you could earn between $30 to $300 in QRDO a month

  2. You earn special rewards for completing Qreed missions

  3. Do you have a lot of friends you’d like to bring in? If so, you could earn referral points for bringing in new community members and accumulate those points to exchange for swags or NFT badges.

  4. An opportunity to learn about Qredo, dMPC, asset security, and best asset/wallet management practices

  5. Engage in our community long enough, and you could achieve the status of “Super Qreed”


We want your Qredo journey to be hassle-free but full of excitement. Here’s all you need to do:

- Join us on Twitter, Telegram, and Discord

- Engage with all our content on Twitter by liking, sharing, and adding quality comments on our Tweets

- Drive discussions on Telegram and Discord

- Be as creative as possible with your infographics, memes, and blog content

How to Join?

✍️ To become a Qredonian, please complete the form here.


This season (Qreed S04) will last for 10 weeks, beginning on the 19th of October at 10:00 UTC and ending on the 29th of December 2022 at 10:00 UTC.


Updated reward structure and distribution:

  • Individual Qreed members can earn up to  $300 worth of QRDO monthly, depending on the quality of their performance.

  • Super Qreeds running activities to spread the word of Qredo (online and offline events, campaigns, contests…) could qualify to get up to $3,000 in QRDO per month to run them.

We are exploring monthly payouts to our Qreed ambassadors. However, please note that potential delays could happen by a couple of days due to our internal processes.


  1. It is a requirement to join all Qredo social channels: Twitter, Discord, Telegram, & Telegram Announcement channel.

  2. Generally, there is no special educational qualification/experience required. We only want your talent and ambition!

  3. Please ensure you read and understand the terms to be eligible for any Ambassador role.

  4. If a Qredonian becomes inactive for two consecutive months without prior notice, they may be removed from the program.

  5. All content produced must be original work and not plagiarized (including visual content).

  6. Anyone who plagiarizes material will immediately be banned and removed from The Qreed.

  7. All participants must be a part of The Qreed Telegram channel.

  8. Anyone who receives a poor rating cannot enter the same category in future seasons.

  9. All participants must sign up for a Qredo wallet using the email they provided while completing the submission forms. If you need to sign up for a crypto wallet, you can do so here at using this guide: Creating Your Account.

  10. Multiple entries from the same user are not allowed. If this is discovered, it will result in a permanent ban from The Qreed.

  11. Remember, you are an ambassador of Qredo, and your efforts should reflect as such 

  12. Attend monthly calls and check-ins

  13. If you have questions, please ask us in the Official Qredo Telegram group 😁

If you have questions, please ask us in the Official Qredo Telegram group 😁

Not sure who a Qredonian is? 
Here's our Clarion Call


  • The Qreed program is an ongoing experimental ambassador program designed to scale if/when needed.

  • Should the Qredo team feel the need to discontinue the program, the community will be informed beforehand.

  • At the time of publication, Merch and NFTs are yet to go live on Qredo.

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