Web3 Collaboration: Qredo and Health Hero

Published Jul 6, 2023
By Qredo Team

In the rapidly evolving era of digital healthcare and blockchain, the fusion of technology and wellness is not just an evolution—it's a revolution.

Qredo's investment in Health Hero speaks to our shared vision of redefining how users interact with digital assets and presents an exciting opportunity for institutions and individual users alike.

Revolutionizing healthcare with Health Hero

Health Hero is an innovative Web3 platform designed to motivate, incentivize, and reward users for maintaining their health and wellness. Through a robust and versatile ecosystem, Health Hero provides its users with access to free healthcare, mental health resources, and cashback rewards for healthy food purchases. Tackling a global market in excess of $10 trillion, Health Hero is poised to innovate the digital realm of health and wellness in exciting ways. 

Health Hero is driven by its underlying Layer 1 blockchain, Go! SmartChain from Go! Labs, and Health Hero is one very important use case amongst many, which are being built upon this innovative chain as we speak.  

What all of these use cases have in common is their connection to real world assets and to the real world impacts they are built to make; whether it be in social impact, climate change prevention, tracking supply chains or helping to securely manage data in other key industries such as education. You can read more about Go! Labs and how they are building for real world change here.

How does Health Hero do it?

Health Hero establishes a transparent, secure, and patient-controlled health data system powered by a private blockchain for enterprises, payers, and providers.  

The platform has recently integrated advanced AI technologies, including natural language processing, predictive modeling, data analysis, and clinical decision support, further enhancing its capabilities. 

By incorporating game design elements, Health Hero ensures that improving one's well-being becomes an enjoyable and rewarding journey. Users can earn points, badges, and climb leaderboards by actively participating in healthy activities and tracking their progress.  

The accumulation of $HLTHY, which is the project’s native utility token, is achieved through various means, such as submitting proof of healthy actions or receipts. These tokens grant users access to health plans, up to 50% cashback rewards for healthy purchases, and the ability to engage with in-game items. 

For enterprises,Health Hero's health engagement suite streamlines health management processes, leading to cost reduction and improved employee, patient, and member well-being.

The Qredo difference: Blockchain security and digital asset custody

In this exciting collaboration, Qredo's unique approach to secure digital asset management is set to play a vital role in supporting Health Hero's health data ecosystem. 

Health Hero uses Qredo’s distributed multi-party computation (dMPC) technology to allow users to secure soulbound tokens (SBTs), which represent self-sovereign decentralized health records, safely in their own wallets. This enables Health Hero to categorize wellness data effectively and provide individual users with decentralized and secure electronic health records. You can read all about it right here on Health Hero’s blog

Qredo leverages distributed multi-party computation (dMPC) technology to eliminate the need for local or central private key storage, enhancing the overall security of diverse ERC-20 and ERC-721 tokens across different EVM chains.

With recent updates to the Qredo platform delivering improved features and functions, users gain unprecedented control over their digital assets. By integrating Qredo's solutions, Health Hero is reaffirming its commitment to safeguarding user data and providing its users with the confidence of using a platform securely built on trustless, distributed technology.

Qredo is delighted to partner with Health Hero not only because of the tremendous scope of the market for secure data-driven solutions such as the ones they are building, but because of their driving ethos, which we share at Qredo, namely their commitment to secure, trustless technology as the vehicle for real world change.

- Julien Auchecorne, CCO of Qredo

Looking ahead: the intersection of decentralized health data and digital asset security

This constructive collaboration between Qredo and Health Hero signifies an important chapter in the saga of digital assets and decentralized health data. It couples the forces of two trailblazers in the Web3 world, pushing the boundaries of the digital asset landscape one decentralized step at a time. 

By combining Health Hero's proven use cases with Qredo's advanced blockchain security and digital asset management, this collaboration promises to unlock untapped potential in the DeFi space.