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20-years BigLaw experience in consumer finance and fintech led Veronica to her current role as in-house Chief Legal Officer for Shapeshift, the cryptocurrency trading platform.

Veronica’s work with payments tech got her into Bitcoin early (she has been speaking on crypto since 2012) and she’s been vocal on the challenges of navigating the disjointed, “cobbled-together patchwork” of crypto’s evolving regulatory framework.

Regulatory issues (notably the impact of onerous KYC obligations), of course, contributed to ShapeShift’s recent decision to quit all regulated activity and remove itself from the trade cycle entirely (instead they will route trades to 12 chosen decentralized exchange protocols).

Home and dry? Hmmm sort of.  ShapeShift’s pivot to being a pure software company that onramps consumers to DeFi applications will expose it to another area of new and uncertain law.

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