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A secure cross-chain application builder.

Now you can build applications cross-chain with ease, backed by secure dMPC. QSign allows messaging and wallet generation for communication between smart contracts living on different chains.


QSign Use Cases

Technology preview

QSign is currently a technology preview, find out more below



QSign is currently a technology preview,

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QSign Demo


In this demonstration, we will showcase a communication between a pre-existing user-owned multi-signature smart contract on the Sepolia testnet and an ERC-20 token contract on the Mumbai testnet.

Firstly, you will create a wallet on the Polygon Mumbai testnet. This wallet is fully controlled by the user-owned multi-signature contract from Sepolia testnet.

Secondly, you will make a cross-chain call, triggering an ERC-20 transfer on the Mumbai testnet between the created wallet and another wallet on the same testnet.