metamask institutional vs walletconnect
Published Jan 24, 2023
By Qredo Team

MetaMask Institutional vs WalletConnect vs Web3 API

Qredo now offers a number of ways to securely deploy assets to Web3.

That includes our MetaMask Institutional and WalletConnect integrations, and the Qredo Web3 API Wallet.

In this post, we compare these three different methods of deploying assets to DeFi and Web3 through Qredo.

MetaMask Institutional 🦊

In the seven years since it was launched in 2016, MetaMask has become the most popular and trusted way to access DeFi. MetaMask Institutional (MMI) is the institution-compliant version of MetaMask, designed primarily for organizations. Both wallets are browser plugins that sit in your web browser and pop up when you need to sign a transaction. But MMI also offers a selection of additional custody, compliance, and reporting features.

Qredo's integration with MMI has seen enormous success since it was launched in late 2021, and is now used extensively by a range of different organizations to access DeFi. Our top users include hedge funds, proprietary traders, and commercial organizations collecting NFTs or dealing in digital assets.

Why MMI?

  • Familiar interface 

    MMI has a similar interface to the ubiquitous original MetaMask, making it seamless to switch between the two.

  • Easy access to EVMs 

    Quickly deploy assets to more than 17,000 DeFi protocols and applications built on blockchains compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine.

  • Compliance tools

    Designed to meet institutional compliance needs, MMI enables safe transactions with pseudonymous counterparties through pre-and post-trade KYT (know-your-transaction) risk assessment.

  • Monitoring and reporting

    MMI's Web3 dashboard offers a consolidated view of your organization’s assets across different chains, including detailed metrics for NFTs.

  • Programmatic Access 

    Connect to Web3 protocols through your own API, enabling you to create scripts that automate the execution of strategies across different DeFi protocols.

Think Qredo and MMI could be the right way for you to access Web3?

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WalletConnect 📷

WalletConnect is an open-source protocol that enables you to securely connect to dApps from within your Qredo Wallet by simply scanning a QR code without any need for browser plugins, external APIs, or additional software. 

This simplicity and ease of use make WalletConnect ideal for all types of Web3 enthusiasts — from casual NFT collectors to corporate treasurers and crypto-native hedge funds.

Why WalletConnect?

  • Support for all EVM chains

    Qredo's WalletConnect integration supports any EVM-compatible blockchain, unlocking access to almost the entire world of DeFi and NFTs. ​

  • No external additional software or plugins

    Forget about downloading browser plugins. Simply open a Qredo Wallet and connect to dApps in seconds.​

  • Permissionless access 

    No cumbersome form-filling, no need to remember yet another username and password, and no additional monthly subscription fees or AUM requirements.

  • Protected spending limits

    By default, most dApps ask for authorization to completely withdraw your tokens from your wallet. This security vulnerability has been exposed in incidents like the Unicats hack, in which an Ethereum-based yield farming platform allegedly stole more than $200,000 worth of crypto from users. 

    WalletConnect overcomes this by enabling you to authorize each and every transaction. So you only approve what you want to spend.​

  • Enhanced privacy

    Some browser extensions have been found to reveal sensitive data, which hackers could potentially misappropriate. WalletConnect requires no browser extension and cannot give websites the opportunity to snoop on your activity.

Scam Alert: Any browser extensions claiming to be from WalletConnect are likely to be fake. Only download browser extensions from the official source!

Think WalletConnect could be the right way for you to access Web3?

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Web3 API Wallet 👨‍💻

The Qredo Web3 API Wallet offers a way to programmatically access DeFi.

It enables you to automate DeFi activity by governing the routing of transactions according to certain criteria — such as size, destination address, or originator — and submitting them directly to the blockchain without compromising on the security of your governance policies. 

When combined with other Qredo scalability tools, the Web3 API Wallet can lift the burden of having to manually approve dozens of transactions each day. This makes it ideal for organizations looking to automate their trading or scale their digital asset operations.

Why Web3 API Wallet?

  • Automation and scalability 

    Create your own scripts to automate operations and execute trading strategies without cumbersome manual approval.

  • Fast execution

    Package up transactions for direct submission to the blockchain, enhancing the performance of rapid-fire trading strategies such as  arbitrage between EVM chains. 

  • Full integration with your tech stack

    Submit transactions directly to smart contracts through your own infrastructure without the need for clunky DeFi frontends and execution bottlenecks.

Think the Web3 API Wallet could be right for you?

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Regardless of how you choose to deploy funds through Qredo, your activity is protected by the institutional-grade security of and custom governance policies of decentralized multi-party computation (dMPC).

Open a Qredo Wallet today to start experimenting with different ways of accessing Web3.

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