Published Mar 4, 2022
By Qredo Team

Qredo Monthly Update: February 2022

Welcome to our monthly roundup of all things Qredo!

In response to community requests and to provide more regular information about how the Qredo project is evolving, here is our monthly recap of Qredo Network activity and highlights.


Did ya miss it? We started February with a bang, announcing Qredo’s $80mm Series A Raise – one of the largest in crypto history! 

The round was led by the legendary 10T Holdings and includes strategic investors Coinbase Ventures, Avalanche, and Terra who will also be building on the network. 

The round follows the success of Qredo’s seed round in May ’21 and Token Private Sale in June ’21, and is a huge validation of the network’s decentralized MPC (dMPC) tech stack and long term vision. 

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Watch Qredo CEO Anthony Foy and COO Josh Goodbody on what the Series A means for Qredo:


Qredo stats 📊

  • Network Transactions +31% MoM

  • New Qredo accounts +1.4K

  • Total number of Qredo crypto wallets: 58.54K

Auto-Staking Bonus – Still time to enjoy!

In February, we launched a new 3 Month Deposit Bonus Staking program. 

Until the end of April, QRDO stakers can enjoy 20.2% APY – valid for both new and existing deposits.



Building on our partnership with MMI: One wallet – All EVM chains

(Yes, yes — we did sneak this into our January monthly update but this exciting new feature was actually announced on February 3rd 🤗).

Through our collaboration with MetaMask Institutional, funds and professional traders using Qredo can now deploy assets to DeFi across all EVM chains from a single crypto wallet that’s fully secured by Qredo's decentralized MPC. This groundbreaking development raises the bar in providing institutional investors with fast, secure and compliant access to DeFi. 

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New L1 native support on Qredo Network

We’ve been advancing product development to support new L1 chains on Qredo Network. We’ll be announcing them soon, along with the new 2022 Roadmap in March.

Qredo at a glance!


On February 2nd, we announced our partnership with Clearpool, the decentralized capital markets ecosystem for institutional borrowers. Qredo’s decentralized infrastructure will be integrated into the Clearpool protocol, enabling institutions to more securely and easily access digital assets and DeFi.

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Continuous growth in QRDO listings raises awareness of the token, increases market depth, and improves access to new investor communities in different countries.  

New February listings include: 

In addition, Kucoin enabled margin trading for QRDO.


We’re going to be spending more time interacting with — and building — our awesome Qredonian community across different regions and channels. AMAs are an important part of that. Here’s a recap of our February activity: 

Feb 9th – CryptoApeHQ AMA
(A recording of the event and a recap of the best questions can be found here)

Feb 14th – #QredoSeriesA Twitter Spaces AMA

Feb 28th – Turkish community AMA hosted by the Coin Muhendisi Telegram channel

More events coming soon! Watch our feeds (Twitter | Telegram) for details 

Our community is very important to us and we’re always listening to your feedback and ideas. Anything you’d like to see from us? 


We’re growing fast and are recruiting for a wide range of different roles. Qredo is a remote-first team that prizes skill, creativity and collaboration. Wherever you are in the world, see if there’s a role that suits you or someone you know: 

See Qredo open positions


Qredo’s growing library of panels, interviews and other great content is now available through our new podcast channels. Choose your watering hole:


What kind of investment strategies do pro investors employ when it comes to digital assets? Our latest post reveals all: 

As we’ve seen in recent news, browser-based crypto wallets can be susceptible to hacks, malware, and phishing attacks. Decentralized MPC (dMPC) solves for this by adding an ultra secure custody layer to Web3 crypto wallets. Here’s how:  

In this explainer article, we explore the rise and growing importance of Layer 2 solutions like Qredo:

Qredo COO Josh Goodbody explains why he’s bullish on Qredo — whatever the market conditions. A must-read for anyone wanting to understand the long-term, evergreen outlook for project Qredo:   

It wouldn’t have been Valentine’s day without some (possibly) cheesy crypto chat up lines:


We hope you enjoyed this overview — we'll be back next month with another 📅

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Team Qredo

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