Qredo's Booth at Consensus 2023: A Recap

Published May 5, 2023
By Qredo Team

Consensus 2023 was a spectacular showcase of innovations, industry insights, and unparalleled networking opportunities for Qredo.  

We unveiled our pioneering solutions for digital asset management, interoperability, and decentralized custody to a diverse audience of industry leaders, investors, and crypto enthusiasts.  

This outstanding event gave us the perfect platform to forge meaningful connections, share our vision, and establish a strong presence in the rapidly evolving world of blockchain. 

Crypto Banter spotlights Qredo's pioneering solutions

Legendary Cryptoman Ran featured our very own Josh Goodbody in an insightful interview as part of his video "Five best crypto projects I discovered this week" on his renowned channel, Crypto Banter.  

This recognition, inclusion amongst his top crypto projects only reinforces our driving commitment to developing ground-breaking solutions that reshape the digital asset landscape in the right direction, towards self-empowerment via self-custody. 

Connecting with Scott Melker and engaging with investors

The esteemed Scott Melker, also known as The Wolf of All Streets, graced our booth with his presence. We had the opportunity to engage in stimulating discussions about the future of digital assets, blockchain security, and the role of DeFi in revolutionizing financial systems.  

Our team also caught up with numerous investors and partners, exploring new avenues for collaboration and strengthening existing relationships. 

QSign: Ushering in a new age of cross-chain communication

We proudly debuted the technical preview of QSign at Consensus 2023, our innovative solution for seamless cross-chain communication and self-custody.  

The response to QSign at Consensus was overwhelming, with numerous developers stopping by to explore the potential of QSign and express their interest in contributing to our open-source journey.  

We're committed to cultivating a thriving developer community that shares our passion for further decentralizing DeFi and activating the true power of blockchain technology through secure self-custody. 

We are extremely focused on building our developer community as we navigate our pathway towards open source and further decentralization. Consensus was an incredible venue at which to do just that, and the Qredo Labs team continue the good work. 

Institutional investors embrace on-chain custody solutions

Our commercial team had a busy time at Consensus, demonstrating the robust security and accessibility of our products to institutional investors. We witnessed at Consensus confirmation of what we already knew on paper – the strong rising interest in self-custody from institutional investors. We're excited to continue our mission of delivering secure, distributed custody solutions to all investors, from institutional giants to retail enthusiasts. 

Introducing Ankex: A game-changer for derivatives

The buzz around Ankex attracted several exchanges to visit our booth, who were intrigued to learn more about how Ankex is using Qredo's ClearVault technology to allow users to trade directly from self-custody.  

Ankex is an exchange that is built on trustless technology, since it operates whilst keeping your assets squarely in self-custody, matching funds on the exchange via a collateral system which operates and is recorded on Qredo's Layer 2 blockchain.  

Deepening connections with the Qredo community

Consensus 2023 presented us with the perfect opportunity to engage with our community members and forge meaningful connections, and we met with many community members over the course of the week. 

Swag Giveaways: Sharing the Qredo Spirit

Our team wanted to make a memorable impact at Consensus and ensure our booth stood out from the crowd. We came up with an exciting array of giveaways and interactive activities for attendees, and our merch giveaways included an assortment of goodies, such as chocolate, headphones, hats, and shirts, all sporting our iconic branding. 

The centerpiece of our giveaway was the free-to-play prize wheel, which drew enthusiastic crowds throughout the event. This interactive activity allowed attendees to try their luck and spin the wheel for a chance to win some exclusive and limited-edition Qredo swag! 

Building lasting relationships and expanding networks

Our friends from Chorus One joined us at Consensus, bringing along their gorgeous alpaca, Lefty. We exchanged insights and ideas, learning from each other's experiences in the dynamic world of blockchain and digital assets.

Chorus One even conducted a live Qredo demo at their booth, showcasing the seamless integration and interoperability of our solutions.  

Josh Goodbody reflects on Consensus 2023

Our CCO, Josh Goodbody, was one of our many amazing ambassadors at Consensus this year, chopping it up with investors, developers and influencers alike. Check out one of his Tweets on the event, full of his typical supreme enthusiasm. Let's hear some more from Josh on how it all went. 

"The Consensus event was a fantastic opportunity for us to share Qredo's message about on-chain custody, and we were thrilled to see such a high level of interest from attendees, especially around QSign, our new interoperability tool. Consensus was a great success for Qredo and we'll certainly be back next year!" 

-Josh Goodbody, CCO of Qredo 

Party time with industry leaders

Consensus 2023 wasn't just about work; we took some time to unwind and mingle with fellow industry leaders at Bulls and Beers. Alongside dYdX, Nansen, and HashKey Capital, we celebrated our collective achievements at Austin's premier venue, Superstition. This side event offered a fantastic opportunity to network and forge new relationships in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. 

Back home: Our QSign technology preview & BSI ISO 22301 certification

While Consensus 2023 was a massive success, we didn't stop there. We launched the QSign technology preview, complete with an interactive demo and full developer documentation, enabling developers to dive into the inner workings of our new revolutionary interoperability tool. 

We were also thrilled to announce our BSI ISO 22301 Certification in Business Continuity Managementlast week. The awarding of this prestigious certification underlines our commitment to ensuring the highest standards of security and reliability for our investors.  

A bright, secure future for digital assets

As we close the chapter on Consensus 2023, we look forward to an incredible year ahead, filled with exciting developments, technological pioneering, and ever more new connections as the Qredo ecosystem expands apace.  

We're grateful for your support. Together, we'll continue to secure the future of digital assets. Thanks for being part of it. 

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