Published Jul 3, 2023
By Qredo Team

Qredo's Monthly Update: June 2023

Welcome to the June 2023 edition of Qredo's monthly update.  

This month, we're spotlighting tech advancements, strategic alliances, our tokenology, and much more. As we navigate through the dynamic landscape of Web3, it's imperative to continuously develop and innovate. Our team continues to utilize their expertise in all things blockchain, digital asset, and Web3 tech to ensure that Qredo remains a leader in the decentralized finance (DeFi) space. 

There has certainly been plenty to talk about this June as the new Qredo platform was successfully launched to new users and we began to upgrade existing users to it as well. In addition, our Sui Wallet beta went live, not to mention new developments with QSign testnet integrations, the successful integration of the new WalletConnect 2.0 for our new platform, and our Etherspot integration to name but a few! 

Tech talk 🛠️🧰

Harnessing the power of governance: Qredo's new platform gives you more control

Welcome to a New World of Policy Governance at New Qredo

We believe our new Qredo platform redefines crypto asset management for Web3. Control, customization, and security intersect in our advanced governance provision, making risk management an effortless endeavor and eliminating single points of failure such as private key storage. 

We've revolutionized our governance controls. In a bold stride forward, Qredo users can customize their policies at a Workspace level, crafting a custom environment for Portfolio management. 

Whether you're a crypto native, an institutional investor, or a newcomer to the finance industry, you need a secure, easy-to-use system that puts you squarely in control of your own assets. Welcome to the next chapter of your digital asset journey with Qredo. Experience secure self-custody like never before and sign up in minutes. 

Qredo and Sui Wallet beta integration is now live!

Qredo and Sui Wallet Integration Beta Release Program Is Live

We're excited to announce that the highly anticipated Qredo and Sui Wallet integration has reached beta release and is now live. This groundbreaking integration is the first of its kind for the Sui ecosystem, helping to further empower our users to harness the possibilities of the DeFi ecosystem. As the first enterprise-grade wallet provider to integrate on the Sui protocol, in partnership with Mysten Labs, this monumental stride forward allows our dedicated beta participants to test and use Qredo's unique dMPC technology to allow users to interact with all dApps across the Sui blockchain. 

Our beta users will experience an unprecedented level of private key security, and be able to stake SUI tokens directly, with bespoke governance and Role-Based Access Controls.  This real-world testing phase is crucial in ensuring our offerings align with users' needs and provides the strong foundation we demand for the wider general release to come.  

While the beta is now closed, you can sign up for the full release early access list right here! 

Integrating WalletConnect 2.0: Secure, seamless access to Web3

This June, Qredo officially integrated WalletConnect 2.0, amplifying your access to the expansive world of decentralized applications (dApps) with our unique, institutional-grade security for digital assets.  

With Qredo and WalletConnect 2.0 working in synergy, we're strengthening your DeFi experience, ensuring it's not only more secure but also convenient. Experience the Qredo and WalletConnect integration and see the difference firsthand. 

Revamping digital asset security: Qredo introduces advanced Role-Based Access Controls (RBAC)

Check Out Qredo's Advanced Role-Based Access Controls

We are glad to share with you a key advancement in the new Qredo,  reimagined Role-Based Access Controls (RBAC).  

An answer to the inherent risks tied to private key storage and management, our RBAC presents a nuanced understanding of your organization's unique roles and the access your team require. It empowers you with far-reaching customization, allowing for masterful risk management, heightened control, and robust disaster recovery. 

At Qredo, we are shaping the future of digital asset security, bringing you a more layered and adaptable framework for your assets. As an Admin, you now can architect your organization's governance hierarchy in a workspace with our new roles like Workspace Admin, Portfolio Admin, Approver, Trader, and Viewer.  

This elevated control offers an unparalleled safe layer for your transactions and digital asset management. Embrace the paradigm shift in RBAC on our new Qredo platform. 

A new era in tokenomics: Unveiling the pillars of Qredo's QRDO tokenology

Qredo Tokenology Framework

This June was the time to peel back the curtain and reveal our evolving QRDO tokenology's core pillars 

In our push to develop strong community participation as the cornerstone of Qredo's ongoing purpose, coupled with our goals of enhancing network security, and distributing network rewards equitably, we are proposing pivotal changes to our economic model.  

This transformation of QRDO's tokenology will introduce a federated proof-of-stake (FPoS) consensus mechanism (with a goal to transition to Delegated Proof-of-Stake) and community governance of the protocol roadmap, with the implementation of protocol fees to fund and reward network growth and participation anchoring QRDO at the heart of Qredo's operations. 

Stay tuned for the upcoming Community Governance to take part in shaping our QRDO Tokenology on Twitter and LinkedIn or by joining our Discord community 

Stay tuned for more details in our final QRDO Tokenology report.

Expanding QSign's cross-chain interactions to Arbitrum and Optimism Goerli testnets

Our QSign technology is now extending its reach to the Arbitrum and Optimism Goerli testnets, making a total of five interconnected testnets. 

This means you can now deploy your QSign smart contract on any of these testnets and control it seamlessly from the others, enriching the diversity of your DeFi interactions and opening up unprecedented opportunities for cross-chain applications. 

To learn more about QSign's capabilities and start building your cross-chain dApps, check out our developers' guide or join the conversation directly on our QSign Discord channel. We can't wait to see the innovations this new layer of interoperability will help you to unlock! 

Revolutionizing digital asset management: Unleashing DeFi and Web3 for institutions

We've been celebrating our ongoing partnership with MetaMask Institutional this June. Our enhanced platform places the power of DeFi and Web3 at the fingertips of our users more effectively than ever. We've methodically mitigated the risks associated with private keys and introduced bespoke custody policies to match your specific needs, all while giving your team full control.  

By bridging the gap between traditional finance and the world of decentralized finance, we're helping institutions safely navigate and unlock the potential of the Web3 ecosystem. Learn more about our vital partnership with MetaMask Institutional and how it can help your team stay ahead. 

Network 🌐

Qredo stats 📊

This June we are delighted to report on Qredo's transaction activity across Q2, which reached an eye-watering $9,275,000,000 USD. This is an increase of 23% over transaction activity in Q1 and a strong indicator that interest, uptake and activity on Qredo continue to increase as we develop and improve our offering.  

Bearing in mind that the new Qredo platform launched for new users just weeks ago, and that existing users and now in the process of being upgraded to the platform, we expect even bigger things ahead for Q3 at Qredo. Thanks for being part of it.  

Partner activity 🤝

Forging new pathways in blockchain: QSign and Etherspot integration

We're glad to announce this June the successful pilot integration of Etherspot, an in-progress Account Abstraction SDK, with our innovative cross-chain solution QSign.  

This strategic move aims to boost Etherspot's capabilities and enhance the operation of decentralized applications (dApps) across all EVM-compatible chains while preserving top-tier security standards. 

With QSign's unique technology facilitating seamless communication between blockchains, we're extending a robust and secure infrastructure to developers for building cross-chain dApps.  

The QSign x Etherspot integration presents a promising step in support of blockchain mass adoption, equipping developers to craft more interconnected, multi-chain applications. This will go on to enhance the user experience in the wider blockchain ecosystem. 

Undoubtedly, this update underscores Qredo's commitment to continuous innovation and fostering a smoother, more unified blockchain ecosystem. 

Events 💃

Navigating the future of DeFi: Qredo's Blockchain Banter

This June saw another insightful session of #BlockchainBanter, as we delved deep into the heart of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) together with distinguished guests from Liquidity Protocol, Bancor, and Carbon DeFi XYZ.  

Qredo's own VP of Strategic Partnerships Benjamin Whitby was on hand to discuss the crucial roles of interoperability, composability, and liquidity in the future success of DeFi. 

These engaging discussions served to demystify some complex DeFi concepts and strategies. Hosted by @Here2DeFi, this was an unmissable event. But if you did miss it, catch up below! 

Watch 📺

Listen in as our Chief of Strategic Partnerships Ben Whitby explores the functionality and significance of our new Qredo platform release, the biggest upgrade in Qredo's history!

Check out our new Qredo Vaults, part of the new Qredo platform, which secures your digital assets safely in your own custody.

Join the revolution! 💼

We are growing fast and recruiting for a wide range of different roles. Qredo is a remote-first team that prizes skill, creativity, and collaboration. See if there is a role that suits you or someone you know!  
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From the blog ✍️

Getting under the hood of the new Qredo platform

Inside New Qredo: Ten Transformative Features

As the world watches decentralized finance (DeFi) continue to evolve at breakneck pace, we at Qredo kept our eyes firmly fixed on you – our users.  

Our mission? To empower you with greater control over your digital assets, and to this end, we proudly introduced our brand-new, revamped Qredo platform. We believe it's the epitome of user-friendly, accessible blockchain technology, and a powerhouse of functionality.  

The new platform is packed full of advanced features from improved governance to personalized settings. Streamlined onboarding? Check. Enhanced governance policies? You've got it. We've even incorporated a brand-new role – the Viewer – to facilitate auditing tasks.  

Our enhanced features such as the new 360° portfolio tracker and robust reporting engine are just some of the new aspects to the new Qredo experience.  

Discover our top ten features of the new Qredo platform and get ready to explore a whole new world of DeFi possibilities.

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Roadmap 🛣️

Charting progress and shaping the future: New milestones and beyond

In the world of blockchain, Qredo continues to break new ground. Our June update isn't just a testament to our achievements, it's a bold statement of our relentless forward momentum. With each item we strike off our roadmap, we move closer to our goal of transforming the decentralized finance landscape. 

A big win for Qredo in June was the successful integration of WalletConnect 2.0 for our new Qredo platform, a market-leading integration which allows our users on the new platform unfettered access to the wide world of DeFi all from secure self-custody. 

There are some important items coming up next for Qredo, which we're looking forward to ticking off from our H2 roadmap. We've set the foundation for these developments and can't wait to bring you the full announcements.  

These include an integrated Fiat On-Ramp, fully completed across June and which we look forward to announcing as part of the very next weekly product release. 

In the following weekly product releases, we also have some major items coming up, including an Exchange Hub that will allow the direct management of CEX-held assets within Qredo itself, and of course lightning-fast settlement back to secure self-custody. 

Shared Vaults, a component of our Clear Vault technology, were also released in June for participants of the Ankex alpha. These allow users to set up their Vaults directly within Ankex in order to trade directly from their self-custody Wallets. 

We are incredibly proud of what our team has delivered so far this year, but we also recognize that there are some important items remaining to be delivered which are in our H2 roadmap. The exciting thing is that these items are in the late stages of development now, and are mere weeks away. This includes the official unveiling of our full revised tokenology, and the launch of our Community Forum with voting.  

The first QPIP votes will be happening shortly after the launch of the Community Forum, and we are full of anticipation for how these community-led votes will come to shape Qredo going forwards. 

We are pleased to announce that the external validators programme is now complete. This has been a huge workstream to securely open up the network to a federated validators model, and to build out the code needed for these third-party validators to run on Trusted Execution Environments (TEEs) while maintaining the utmost standards of security.  

We are now only awaiting the implementation of our new tokenology in order to finalize the onboarding of our external validators. This is a vital part of our roadmap towards becoming further decentralized, an important commitment and part of our fundamental ethos at Qredo. 

Each of these achievements is a key stepping stone, empowering our users and reshaping the ecosystem. Together, let's continue advancing the future of digital assets at Qredo. 

Recognition 🏆

Upholding excellence in security: Qredo's ISO 27001:2013 certification

In our steadfast pursuit to ensure best-in-class security and risk management, we're thrilled to share that Qredo's Information Security Management System (ISMS) has officially achieved BSI ISO 27001:2013 compliance certification.  

This global standard for information security reinforces our commitment to protecting user data, enhancing risk management, and cementing our position as a secure and compliant crypto custody platform.  

It is also a firm testament to the rigorous standards upheld by our team. We're elated to share this milestone with you, our Qredo community, and look forward to strengthening the digital asset ecosystem further together.  

Bridging the DeFi trading gap: Ankex is being built on Qredo's Clear Vault technology

We're excited to highlight CoinDesk's coverage of Ankex, a new cryptocurrency derivatives exchange led by Michael Moro, the former CEO of Genesis Trading. Ankex is revolutionizing the trading landscape, starting with perpetual futures contracts in markets outside the U.S., while preserving full self-custody for user assets.

As pioneers in the field, Ankex offers an enterprise-grade trading experience, while bringing together the best of both centralized and decentralized finance. They achieve this in part through utilizing our advanced Clear Vault technology, demonstrating the versatility and power of our solutions beyond Qredo's own applications.  

Ankex's launch into alpha testing marks a significant stride towards creating a more efficient and secure trading environment, bolstering the industry's shift towards a balanced, hybridized future of finance. 

Reinventing crypto self-custody: Qredo's dMPC sets new standards in security and governance

Qredo's distributed multiparty computation (dMPC) technology continues to make waves, introducing new standards in asset security and governance. As we've reiterated, the shift from centralized to decentralized models of asset custody is more than just a trend – it's an essential step towards true self-sovereignty.  

We were delighted to read CoinTelegraph's coverage of the new Qredo platform, going into depth on how Qredo is uniquely positioned to solve major pain points in the industry, for institutions and individual crypto holders alike.  

Community update🪢

Empowering Qredonians: Our exciting community project on Zealy

Conquer Qredo's First Zealy Sprint for a Chance at $1,500 QRDO!

Fostering an active, engaged, and educated community is crucial in our journey to revolutionize digital asset management. This month we took a significant step forward in this direction by launching Qredo on Zealy – a game-changing platform that transforms passive community members into active contributors.  

Through a series of quests and challenges, Qredonians can now earn QRDO tokens and exclusive merchandise while deepening their understanding of Qredo's groundbreaking distributed multi-party computation technology.  

We're thrilled by the enthusiastic participation we've seen so far in our community sprints and look forward to seeing more Qredonians joining us on this engaging, rewarding adventure.  

Unveiling insights: The new Qredo platform AMA Twitter Spaces

We held an enlightening Ask Me Anything (AMA) session this June, focused on getting under the hood of our new upgraded Qredo platform.  

Our community, ranging from institutional investors to crypto natives, posed insightful queries about the recent updates.  

This AMA wasn't just about providing answers however, it was a two-way knowledge exchange that informed us of your perspectives and expectations. It's inspiring to see our vibrant community committed to understanding and participating in the evolution of Qredo. We literally could not do it without you. 

A huge month as we look forward to H2

As you can see there has been no shortage of things happening at Qredo this month, and much more ahead as we push into Q3! Thanks for being part of it. You're helping to ensure, and to secure, the future of digital assets for everyone.  

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