Published Mar 16, 2022
By Qredo Team

Qredo Roadmap Update: Q2 2022

NOTE: Qredo's Roadmap has been updated since this post was published in March, 2022. Please see the latest version of the Roadmap here.

Since we rolled out the last roadmap in June 2021, Qredo's journey has been shaped by several big opportunities — including a powerful new partnership with MetaMask Institutional and bitcoinization in El Salvador — that saw our fledgling network spread its wings more quickly than expected.

These events meant reshuffling resources to accommodate new demands: All hands were needed on deck to deal with new requirements, so we delayed certain blockchain integrations and features (such as Liquidity Hub) to focus on the critical success of our early customers.

And yet, nothing has been forgotten.

Now, fueled by funding rounds totaling $120M and the full force of our 100+ strong team, we are embarking on a new roadmap for product developments. Our vision for the next year will see us further refine Qredo according to customer feedback, roll out new improvements in addition to long-anticipated features (hello, PowerSwap!) and continue on our pathway to decentralization.

Q1 2022: Coming Soon, Really Soon!

New Blockchain Integrations: Solana, Cardano

Block Explorer (Limited Release)

Look directly into the Qredochain to track the status of transactions, balances, and more. Initially, the Block Explorer will only be available for approved clients.

Reporting Tools (CSV Export)

Instantly export immutable records — including policy changes, transactions, and balances — directly from your Qredo Wallet to a spreadsheet for reporting and accounting purposes.

Q2 2022: In Progress

New Blockchain Integrations: Polkadot, BNB Chain, Avalanche, Fantom, Terra, Near (+60 ERC20 Tokens)

Computational Custodian Policies

The introduction of a computational policy engine will enhance our custody offering by streamlining trading workflows and enabling granular levels of governance control. 

To minimize trading delays, the upgrade will introduce conditional routing. This enables transactions to be routed according to predetermined factors — such as trade size or type — and can be tailored for individual team members.

In addition, the upgrade will introduce whitelisting of trusted counterparties and protocols, and further refine permission levels to reflect the front, middle and back office roles of large institutions. 

Self-hosted Computational Approver

Automate the signing and approval of transactions by running your own computational approver server.

Power DeFi API

Programmatically access DeFi protocols for automated rapid-fire trading, multi-leg yield farming, or simple lending and crypto staking — all backed by decentralized MPC security and fully customizable governance.

MetaMask Institutional Dashboard

View transaction history and balances directly from your Qredo-MMI crypto wallet.

Travel Rule Solution (Beta)

Qredo's Travel Rule solution enables all digital asset companies (or Virtual Asset Service Providers) to easily comply with emerging regulations. It is now being built collaboratively with some of the biggest names in crypto.

Stablecoin Mint

Mint your own stablecoins through tokenization-as-a-service. Qredo will offer a full end-to-end process — from smart contract development to deployment — all backed by the governance and security of decentralized MPC.


Instantly atomic swap BTC, ETH, QRDO and stablecoin trading pairs — with guaranteed liquidity. This will be the first functional piece of Liquidity Hub.

Qredo Wallet V2

Our complete crypto wallet overhaul will bring institutional-grade features to everyone in a streamlined, intuitive, and easy-to-use package.

WalletConnect integration

Connect directly to DeFi trading, lending and crypto staking strategies, directly from the security and governance of your Qredo crypto wallet.

Qredo Wallet API

Get all the functionality of the Qredo Web App programmatically via a Read/Write access API.

Enhanced Specie Insurance

Insure assets secured using Qredo with the first-ever specie insurance for multi-party computation (MPC).

H2 2022: Future

New Blockchain Integrations: Elrond, Stellar, Cosmos, Ripple

Fiat Onramp

Trade fiat-to-crypto from within your Qredo Wallet via banking integrations.

Validator Decentralization and Pathway to DAO

The recruitment of genesis validators will mark the next stage on Qredo's pathway to decentralization and DAO governance.

Mobile SDK

Our software development kit will make it easier for developers to build on Qredo.

Enhanced Policies 

Set specific custom policies for different transaction types. E.g. for transfers >$50K, require 2/3 approvals, and for transfers <$50K, require 1/3.

Click-to-Cover Insurance

Take out market-leading insurance coverage from directly within the Qredo App.

Exchange API Integration

View balances from exchanges in the Qredo Web App for full visibility over assets.

Got questions about the Qredo roadmap?

If you have questions about Qredo's plans for the coming year, then get them ready for an Ask Me Anything session on this topic very soon. Follow Qredo on Twitter and LinkedIn to make sure you don't miss it!

Otherwise, stay tuned in the coming weeks for more exciting updates including tokenomics changes.