Published Mar 8, 2022
By Qredo Team

Welcome to Season 2 of The Qreed! 

Welcome everyone to Season 2 of The Qreed! The first season was a raging success with over 400 participants, tons of content, and thousands of social media posts! Indeed, our Ambassadors have been instrumental to our growth so far and we are excited to announce the launch of a new season.

In addition, we spiced up the program to further enhance the experience of our community. A little disclaimer here: it's a bit lengthy, and we couldn't do a tl;dr version. Bear with us 🙏.

This season promises to be exciting and is open to everyone! If you have friends or family that would like to join, feel free to invite them.


  1. Inspired by the overwhelming participation of our Ambassadors’ community, we’ve expanded the program into specialized skill sets. We introduced a tier system that will enable Qredonians to find a better use for their skills, grow and earn while they gain niche-related recognition in line with their performance.

    The tiers are: Entry Level, Specialists, and Mentors

  2. To further refine our social media presence and ensure that what we share is of a high standard, we have grouped our content-related ambassadors under the new Specialists tier of Content/Media Strategists. This means participation in written content, visual art, and video production will be reserved for Qredonians who have demonstrated exceptional talent in creating top-quality content.
    **If you have not been selected to participate in our specialized content production based on your season 1 performance, don’t worry! You can apply by submitting some examples of your work under the appropriate section below.

  3. Also, we introduced a Leaderboard and Spotlight for top performers and outstanding content.

  4. Do you work better in a team? Great! You can team up with other community members to create phenomenal content.

  5. We’ll be selecting Captains for each category, so, go all out and impress us!

And of course, we reserved special bonuses for participants who go above and beyond with their contributions!

Moreover, to show our appreciation to Qreed pioneers, we'll be giving out a one-time 10% bonus to all those who participated in The Qreed Season 1 at ay level - on top of your rewards for Season 2!

We are doing this as a thank you for sticking with us after such a successful first season!

Still with us? Alrighty then!

Let's flesh out some of the details we mentioned in the updates:

Ranks / Roles


{Open to the general public and anyone with a strong drive for competitiveness}

Entry Level includes all who are joining the program fresh, or participated in the Season 1 program but have yet to identify with a specialist activity.

Responsibilities include:

  1. Social media activity:

i. Minimum of 50 followers required.

ii. Like, retweet/quote, and comment on contents from Qredo Official on Twitter

iii. Create 3 custom tweets per week with relevant hashtags and tag @QredoNetwork.

iv. Retweet contents created by Qreed Specialists

v. Follow your fellow ambassadors and support their tweets. You can search on Twitter using tags such as ‘Qredo’ or ‘Qreed’.

  1. Community engagement:

i. Answer frequently asked questions within the community.

ii. Attend and support AMA events.

iii. Provide onboarding help and tips to new members.

iv. Participate in ongoing promotional campaigns - airdrops, quizzes, sticker and meme competitions, etc.

v. Referrals (Optional; bonus points may be added)

A weekly activity form will be provided in The Qreed Telegram group for submission of work done.

Stakes (depending on the quality of work) are assigned as follows:

  • Poor effort/quality - 0 stakes

  • 50-500 Followers - 5 stakes

  • 500-3000 Followers - 10 stakes

  • 3001 - 10000 Followers - 15 stakes

  • 10001+ Followers - 20 stakes

Next Steps

To become a Qredonian, please complete the form here.


Our specialist role is reserved for all those with the bandwidth, time, and resources, needed to be more involved in Season 2. Also, if you participated in the Season 1 activities and your work was really good, you can sign up for the Specialist role. To qualify, aspirants must:

  1. Have spent at least 3 months as an Entry Level on the ambassador program, unless under our FastTrack Specialist consideration.

  2. Demonstrated outstanding skills in Entry Level.

  3. Noticeably be consistent in engaging with the communities (including the global-English and local communities)

  4. Bring in at least 5 active referrals to The Qreed program.


i. Business Development;

ii. Influencer Marketing;

iii. Developer Community;

iv. Campus Ambassadors;

v. Content/Media Strategists. Here's where all our content-related ambassadors will fit in 👇


a. Content Writers:

Content specialists are ambassadors who have demonstrated the ability to produce top-quality written content, such as articles and blog posts to be shared by our community across social media. This can be anything from concept explanations to walkthrough guides for your local language community.

If you think you have what it takes, please Submit a Sample of Previous Work.

If you are chosen to participate in the content specialist program you will be notified on how to proceed.

b. Visual Art specialists:

Visual art specialists are ambassadors who have demonstrated the ability to produce top-quality visual content to be shared across social media. For example infographics, informative gifs, artwork, and more.

If you think you have what it takes, please Submit a Sample of Previous Work.

If you are chosen to participate in the visual art specialist program you will be notified on how to proceed.

c. Video specialists:

Video specialists are ambassadors who have demonstrated the ability to produce top-quality video content such as walkthroughs, explainers, and opinion pieces about Qredo.

If you think you have what it takes, please Submit a Sample of Previous Work.

If you are chosen to participate in the video specialist program you will be notified on how to proceed.

vi. Online/Offline Event Organizers (coming soon)

vii. Language Community Managers

Interested in managing one of the Language/regional-based communities. Fill this form.


This exceptional class of Qredonians will stand at the very top of the program, and also bear a considerable weight towards the future of the program and the community. Some of the qualities we're looking out for include the following:

  1. Must have been frequently featured on our Top 10 Ambassadors list, as well as content/creative spotlights.

  2. Must have provable leadership traits from specialist results.

  3. Must be willing to train future Entry Level Qredonians.

  4. Must have facilitated and finalized at least two Partnerships.

Tasks and Responsibilities:

  • Curate Qreed-related content.

  • Regional CM Leads (Asia, Europe, America, and Africa).

  • Provide mentorship to Entry Level freshmen into the Qreed Program.

Mentors will be handpicked based on performance and diligence towards the program. Stay tuned for the first set of Mentors to be announced in the coming weeks.


One of the updates we're really excited about is the Leaderboard. We are hoping this will give the community visibility on the most outstanding content and participants, and also drive the incentive to grow. The Leaderboard will feature:

  • Ambassador of the Week/Month with limited edition NFT Badge.

  • Top 10 Ambassadors.

  • Content/Creative spotlights.


The Ambassador program will proceed in perpetuity until further notice. Each season will last for 2 months with a 2 week interval between Seasons to allow for assessments.

With each new season, Qredonians will be given an opportunity to upgrade to a new tier.

This season (Qreed S02) will last for 8 weeks beginning on 8th March 2022 at 10:00 UTC and ending on 3rd May 2021 at 10:00 UTC.


Rewards distribution will follow a tier structure and will be paid out in:

  • QRDO tokens (majorly)

  • Merch (if/when they go live - still experimental);

  • Rare Qredo-native NFTs (if/when they go live - still experimental), and;

  • Sponsorship to Blockchain events (if/when they go live - still experimental)

Understanding QRDO Stake Distribution:

  • Entry Level earn 40% of the reward pool.

  • Specialists earn 24% of the reward pool.

  • Mentors earn 16% of the reward pool.

  • Special Bonuses = 20% of the reward pool.

An example of how rewards are distributed:

If there’s a total reward pot of $50,000 worth of QRDO tokens for the season, 80% is distributed thus:

i. Entry Level Participants’ share: $20,000 in $QRDO token.

ii. Specialists share: $12,000 in $QRDO token.

iii. Mentors share: $8,000 in $QRDO token.

The remaining 20% of the allocated reward is reserved for star members of the QREED - featured on our Leaderboard.


  1. Firstly, join all social channels: Twitter, Discord, Telegram, & Telegram Ann.

  2. Generally, no particular educational qualification/experience is required.

  3. To be eligible for any of the Ambassador roles, please ensure you read and understand the terms associated with each activity.

  4. Entry Level Qreed members comprise of all those joining the Ambassador program for the first time and current Ambassadors who do not identify with any of the specialist roles.

  5. Specialists are Qredonians who have unique business-related talents that may otherwise go untapped if they remain as "Entry Level" Ambassadors in our community.

  6. Specialists on FastTrack are exceptional individuals who may be joining the Specialist Ambassador ranks with a proven track record in the industry, and have a deep understanding of how the Qredo network works. [Please note, this is not a role meant for everyone, it's a special consideration role].

  7. For now, Mentors are the highest-ranking ambassadors who have proven themselves as committed and outstanding members of the community. Mentors should have ideally passed through all preceding ranks and be exceptionally good at what they do.

  8. If a Qredonian becomes inactive for two consecutive months, he may either be demoted or removed from the program.

  9. All content produced must be original work and not plagiarized in any way (this includes visual content).

  10. Anyone who plagiarizes material will immediately be banned and removed from The Qreed.

  11. All participants must be a part of The Qreed telegram channel.

  12. Anyone who receives a poor rating is unable to enter the same category in future seasons.

  13. All participants must sign up to a Qredo wallet using the same email they fill submission forms with. If you need to sign up for a crypto wallet you can do so here on using this guide.

  14. Multiple entries from the same user are not allowed. If this is discovered it will result in a permanent ban from The Qreed.

  15. Remember, you are an ambassador of Qredo, and your efforts should reflect as such :)

If you have questions, please ask us in the Official Qredo Telegram group 😁.

Not sure who a Qredonian is?
Here's our Clarion Call


  • The Qreed program is an ongoing experimental ambassador program designed to scale if/when needed.

  • Should the Qredo team feel the need to discontinue the program, the community will be informed beforehand in this regard.

  • At the time of publication, Merch and NFTs are yet to go live on Qredo.

  • At the time of publication, there are no Mentors and Specialists in the newly added tier of The Qreed program. These will only be recruited following the publication and the terms outlined.

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