Published Feb 7, 2022
By Qredo Team

Qredo Monthly Update: January 2022

Welcome to our monthly roundup of all things Qredo!

In response to community requests, and to provide more regular information about how the Qredo project is evolving, we’re going to be sharing a monthly summary of Qredo Network activity and highlights.

This January update is — we know 🙏 — a few days late. Last Friday, we announced Qredo's Series A raise and got a little distracted 🎉


Qredo stats 📊

January was a very positive month overall in terms of network activity and growth:

  • New account growth in January was 39% higher than in December.

  • Network transaction volumes in January were 77% higher than in December. 

One wallet – all EVM chains

Through our groundbreaking partnership with MetaMask Institutional, funds and traders on Qredo can now enjoy access to all EVM blockchains from a single Qredo crypto wallet. It’s a game changer for institutions seeking fast, secure and compliant access to DeFi. 

By enabling this functionality, we’ve seen massive growth in assets under management on the network, with particularly strong activity on the Avalanche, Polygon and Fantom chains — reflecting the maturity of these ecosystems. More

Option 2 vesting

On January 14th, 811K QRDO vested for private sale and Coinlist public sale 2 participants. We’re delighted to say that, by the end of January, less than 20% had transferred out, and this by 5% of the participants. Welcome new QRDO hodlers!

Auto-staking bonus 

For the month of January, we announced a Super Staking Bonus of 30.3% APY as a thank you to our awesome community.  

This had a positive impact, increasing the inflow of QRDO onto Qredo Network such that January saw a 300% increase in deposits over the previous month. Overall, and with weekly vestings taken into account, we continue to see a more positive inflow of QRDO – reflecting positive sentiment around the token and growth in the number of QRDO holders. 

But that’s not all! QRDO hodlers can now enjoy a new 3 Month Deposit Bonus Staking program. From February to April, QRDO stakers can enjoy 20.2% APY – valid for both new and existing deposits.



On January 14th, we announced an exciting new partnership with Openware. They’ll be using Qredo's crosschain infrastructure to power the exchange of trading quotes and liquidity between exchanges and institutions on Yellow Network. More 


Exchange listings continue to be one of our priorities. They raise awareness of the Qredo Token, increase market depth, and improve access to QRDO for new token holder communities in different countries.  

Some of the most interesting listings during January have been:


Our first Twitter Spaces AMA

January 20th saw COO Josh Goodybody and Ben Whitby at the microphone for our first Twitter Spaces AMA. Here is a recording of the event and a recap of the best questions. Stay tuned for news of our next event – we plan to make it a regular thing. 

Twitter’s #QredoArmy reporting for duty

They’re now a force to be reckoned with! In this interview, we talk to the Qredonian behind the QredoArmy to get the lowdown on how it all began. 

Happy Lunar New Year! 

To celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year, we ran a competition in which 88 winners could win 6.6 QRDO (8 and 6 are lucky numbers in China in case you’re curious 🤓). Congrats to the winners and may your Year of the Tiger be one filled with abundance! 

Our community – that means YOU! –  is super important to us and we’re always listening to your feedback and ideas. Anything you’d like to see from us? We’re building a community across different channels and geographic markets and you can play a part in shaping that. 


Qredo vs other solutions

People often want to understand more how Qredo compares to traditional crypto wallet solutions. We unpack this in two new posts:

Free decentralized MPC custody for all the family? You bet!

Qredo is used by asset managers and corporates to overcome the challenges of storing and managing digital assets. But its decentralized MPC security and flexible TX signing governance can also be used by everyday folk — from families and friends to freelancers and investment clubs: 

Crypto trading smarts

Renowned performance coach Denise Shull shares eight techniques she uses in her work with pro traders and hedge fund managers:  

Qredo in your ear

At the gym? traveling? going for a walk? With Qredo’s new podcast channel you can stay up to date with all our panels, interviews and other great content. Choose your watering hole:


We hope you enjoyed this summary overview and we'll be back next month with another 📅

Meanwhile, stay in contact with us on Twitter and Telegram!


Team Qredo

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