Published Aug 5, 2022
By Qredo Team

Qredo Monthly Update: July 2022

Welcome to our monthly roundup of all things Qredo!

In response to community requests and to provide more regular information about how the Qredo project is evolving, here is our monthly recap of Qredo Network activity and highlights.


Token burn 🔥

Scraping into this month’s update is the news that Qredo burned 16.8 million QRDO tokens on August 1st, removing roughly the same amount from circulation as vested in July.

This follows the first burn of 40M QRDO in March 2022 and is one of a number of tokenomics measures we revealed earlier this year. 

Qredo stats

🦊 New Metamask Institutional users: +35% MoM

✔️ New Qredo Registrations: +159% MoM

New 3 and 6 month staking bonus

You can still earn a weekly staking reward of 10.1% APY but Qredo is now also rewarding those who hodl for longer!

Starting in July, we introduced a new auto-staking bonus program for both three and six month deposits — allowing you to earn a total of upto almost 18% APY until December 31 2022.

The bonus programs are open to both new and existing deposits 💥 – including for QRDO deposits received after July 1st.



Qredo x WalletConnect 🚀🚀🚀

Qredo is launching an exciting new integration with WalletConnect, the open protocol for DeFi access.

We’re inviting you to join the Early Adopter Program, giving you early access to Qredo x WalletConnect in exchange for your testing and feedback before we open it to a wider launch. Interested? It’s your chance to help shape how Qredo evolves. More details on the integration and how you can take part here.  

Qredo x WalletConnect will give individuals and institutions a convenient way to select from more than 450 dApps across all EVM chains – all backed by the powerful governance and security of Qredo's decentralized custody. 


Qredo acquires Xena team & tech! 💪

On July 19th, we were delighted to announce the acquisition of the team and technology behind Xena Exchange, a derivatives platform that pioneered self-custodial trading and a range of sophisticated algorithmic trading tools.

The team will be integrated into Qredo as a new unit, Qredo Markets, tasked with pairing Qredo's decentralized custody infrastructure with Xena technology to create a new suite of institutional-grade tools for accessing digital asset liquidity. 

📰 Qredo-Xena press release

🔎 How Xena will bring world-class trading tools to Qredo

Roadmap Update 🗺️

We’re using this Crypto Winter to double down on our development activity. Leading this is Qredo’s new Head of Product, Gabriele Farei, and his growing team. 

They’re working to build out Qredo’s robust decentralized custody platform with a number of exciting long-term initiatives that will capitalize on the next phase of crypto growth. 

See our updated roadmap and the principles driving it

Download roadmap as PDF


Our latest case study gives a great insight into the value-add Qredo brings to digital asset investment.

Learn how global investor Folkvang uses Qredo’s MetaMask Institutional integration to achieve access to a wide range of cryptoassets, decentralized MPC (dMPC) security, and streamlined signing controls and governance.

Read case study


Continuous growth in QRDO listings raises awareness of the token, increases market depth, and improves access to new investor communities in different countries.  

New July listings include: 


AMAs are an important part of our program of engaging with, and building community. Here’s a recap of our July activity:

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We’re growing fast and recruiting for a wide range of different roles. With over 160 employees already, Qredo is a remote-first team that prizes skill, creativity and collaboration. See if there’s a role that suits you or someone you know: 

Qredo open positions 👀


Qredo was a proud sponsor of Blockchain Summit Latam in Panama on July 6th.

We’re bullish about Latin America’s potential as a global crypto hub and were recently chosen to be an official Bitcoin services provider in El Salvador. 


Qredo’s growing library of panels, interviews and other great content is now available through our new podcast channels. Choose your watering hole:

📺 Watch Qredo CPTO and Co-founder Brian Spector in conversation on the Relevant Founders Podcast: Building a Сross-chain Protocol For Digital Asset Economy

We hope you enjoyed this overview — we'll be back next month with another 📅

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Team Qredo

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