Web3 Api Wallets

Scale smart with programmatic access to DeFi and Web3

Custom automations

Automate thousands of transactions per day set by triggers of your choice, such as price movements and transaction events.

Fastest execution

Transactions are submitted to Qredo Network at the fastest speeds with our Web3 API Wallets, perfect for rapid-fire trading strategies such as arbitrage between EVM chains.

Tech stack integration

Skip clunky DeFi frontends and bottlenecks. Submit transactions directly to smart contracts. Automate KYT calls to determine real-time risk before execution.

Scale securely

Combine Qredo's Web3 Api Wallet with our Signing Agent and Whitelist functionality for rapid and secure scaling of your DeFI and Web3 operations.

White label integration

Integrate Qredo's Web3 API Wallet as a white-labeled solution for your business. Software and libraries, as well as support, available for service providers.

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Web3 API Wallet features

Programmatic Automations

Our Qredo Web3 API Wallet enables you to build DeFi actions programmatically, then sign transactions with Qredo's unique dMPC technology and submit them directly to the blockchain — all without compromising on security.

Signing Agent

Qredo's Signing Agent can be added to any governance policies as an automated addition or alternative to a human signing event. This can relieve signing fatigue, streamline transaction flows and reduce execution times.


Whitelists allow you to permission trusted addresses, boosting security by ensuring your team can only interact with trusted counterparties and protocols.

Qredo Insights

Learn more about Qredo's technology and how you can govern your digital assets on the Qredo platform